Quality Policy

Melbourne Mailing provides comprehensive services in Web Development, analysis & correction of client data, digital printing, print management, folding, insertion, plastic wrap, mailing and customer order fulfilment.

Meeting customer commercial terms and technical specifications are important aspects upon which our quality management system has been developed and implemented.

Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction through the highest level of quality and reliability at the lowest practicable cost. We will always endeavour to listen, learn, foresee and comply with the requirements of our customers.

As we firmly believe that quality is the responsibility of all personnel, we will continue to foster a working environment of trust, respect, participation and recognition through education and training. Our services are second to none for 3pl Melbourne

Our suppliers are recognised as an integral part of our business. They are selected on their ability to provide goods and services that satisfy our specific requirements and complement our quality management system objectives.

We will continue to comply and improve our quality management system based on ISO9001:2008.