Direct eMail Marketing in Melbourne

Direct email marketing is one of the most important and powerful tools available to those looking to grow their online business, or the online presence of their brick-and-mortar business. The process involves sending out standalone advertisements to a targeted group of people, with the emails designed in such a way as to look less like standard email messages and more like online advertisements.

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Why is Direct Email Marketing Important?

The reasons for ensuring that your business has an effective approach to direct email marketing are truly overwhelming.

Recent research and surveys have shown that just under 60% of businesses engaged in B2B marketing cite email as their single most effective marketing tool for increasing revenue –  which is no wonder considering that 86% of businesspeople state that email is their preferred form of business communication.

What Makes Direct Email Marketing So Effective?

Compared to less sophisticated email marketing campaigns (which tend to earn themselves the pejorative title ‘spam’) direct email marketing is highly targeted towards specific groups.

Customer segmentation may be used to ensure that each group that receives the email is provided with information that is relevant to them, and it’s even possible to personalise individual emails so that they’re directly appropriate to individual recipients.

What are the Benefits?

Needless to say, the fact that direct email marketing is so highly targeted means that it perfectly addresses the age-old issue of finding a way to gain some control over who sees your advertisement.  The result of a more highly targeted campaign is higher conversion rates and more sales.

Furthermore, direct email marketing is widely recognised as being one of the very best ways to increase brand awareness amongst your customer base.

With each and every email advertisement a potential customer receives, your brand is being slowly instilled in their mind – meaning that you’ll be the first company they think of when they’re next looking for the kind of products or services you provide.

And of course, compared to a standard advertising campaign, email-based marketing is extremely affordable. With no printing or postage costs, email marketing minimises your output. In fact, recent research has shown that, on average, every dollar spent on email marketing will bring returns of around $40!

Choose MelbourneMailing For Direct Email Marketing

Melbourne businesses who are looking for marketing solutions can always count on MelbourneMailing.

We’ve built a reputation for running outstanding campaigns that are genuinely effective and yield truly exceptional results – and, with the help of a member of our highly trained an experienced team, you can be confident that you’ll become our next shining success story.

To find out more about the direct email marketing Melbourne customers can access at MelbourneMailing, simply get in touch with a member of staff today. WE also offer Direct Marketing & 3PL fulfilment services as well.

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