Why Australia’s Top Brands Are Turning To Melbourne Mailing For Break-Through Direct-Mailing Campaigns

And join Australian Business leaders in the Charity, Insurance, Automotive, Entertainment, Tourism, Retail and Industrial sectors in attracting more leads and increasing profits through low-cost direct mailing this year.

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Reach your most valuable customers for less

Melbourne Mailing can help your business cheaply and reliably reach your most valuable customers… attract new potential buyers… and get back in touch with high-value prospects through the power of direct-mail.

For the last 25 years we have sent millions and millions of direct-mail pieces out to market. Now located in a 15,000 square meter facility in Somerton we are bigger and better than ever. We’ve helped some of Australia’s most successful businesses grow, and would love to help you join them in using direct-mail to successfully boost profits, leads and customer goodwill this year.

Our track-record continues to prove we are the ‘go-to’ solution for quick and accurate direct mailing in Australia.

Direct Mail Fulfilment

Easy direct-mailing for busy businesses

Contact us today for an all-inclusive direct-mail service. We’ll ensure your campaign is run smoothly – in consultation with you – so you can focus on other areas of your business without the stress of managing and fulfilling a direct mail campaign.

Your campaign will be delivered on time… on budget… and with the experience and quality that comes with decades of industry service.

An all-inclusive service backed by 25+ years of industry experience…

Contact us today for fast and easy assistance with your break-through direct-mail campaign, we can help you…


Reach your ideal customer through expert targeting and deep data insights

Plus get access to new mailing lists to take your business into lucrative, new markets.


Reduce your costs through sending analysis

We can work with you to identify excess spending and potentially reduce your mailing costs for improved ROI.


Increase your accuracy through industry-leading checking procedures

Accuracy and deliverability is extremely important in direct mail. That’s why we have a rigorous checking procedure to make sure your campaign is delivered on time and for the price you agreed on – every time.


Launch your direct-mail campaign fast with high quality, ISO certified, direct-mail materials!

We are the only Australian mailing house to hold all four certifications for quality, environmental compliance, OH&S and now Data Security. In just one day we can print what would take you weeks… at higher quality and lower cost.


Easily place an order or manage your inventory with our online system that makes direct mailing easy
All you have to do is click and forget. We will do the rest.


Get a dedicated customer service assistant to walk you step-by-step through processing and fulfilment of your mailing

We’re known for our service and you’ll love the attentive and expert advice you get from your dedicated customer-service professional.


Beat your competition with flexible and fast delivery of campaigns

We understand speed can be the difference between a campaign that brings in profits and one that bombs… that’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to bring a direct-mailing campaign to market extremely quickly without compromising on quality and accuracy.

Get industry-leading results from decades of combined mailing experience…

We’ve worked with many leading companies within the Insurance, Automotive, Entertainment, Promotional and Merchandising sectors… to deliver high-quality, cost efficient direct-mailings.

We believe we are the finest mailing house in Australia and our years of experience can help you with your next mail-campaign and really help you to break-through in 2018… But don’t just take our word for it…

Your Next Profitable Direct Mailing Campaign Starts Now

We’d love to help you get started on a break-through direct mailing campaign for your business, but we understand mailing can seem complex… and you probably have questions.

That’s why we’d like to invite you to get in touch today for a obligation free-chat about your next direct-mail campaign. We can walk-through how much you can expect to save… how quickly your mailing campaign can go ‘live’ and hit the market… who you’d ideally like to reach… and how we can leverage our partnerships with AusPost, couriers and

street-walking companies to attract these customers for far less than if you were to attempt it alone. Get in touch today by clicking or tapping the button below that says ‘Talk To A Direct-Mail Expert’ and we’ll get back to you ASAP with some exciting ideas on how we can make your next mailing campaign a profitable, stress-free success.

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Contact Us Today For An Obligation Free Chat About
Your Next Break-Through Direct Mail Campaign

Our Certificates

We are the only Australian mailing house to hold four highly regarded ISO certifications including

We are a proud Australia Post Bulk Partner.


And discover how easy is to save money and time with world-class 3rd party logistics.

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Direct Mail and Marketing Services in Melbourne

Melbourne Mailing is an established and trusted direct mailing services provider in Australia. We are a privately-held company in Australia with an established name in offering direct mail solutions since 1993. We as a mailing house in Melbourne take pride in ourselves providing a premium service offering at cost effective rates. There are certain compelling reasons for a firm to depend on direct mailing campaigns. Industry reports reveal that direct mailing services have a response rate of 3.7%, which is approximately 30 times higher than response rates from email marketing. Prominent customers for Melbourne Mailing include local shops, financial services firms and insurance companies who want to provide customized offers to customers. We also have happy customers from sectors like entertainment, tourism and automotive, among others. Since direct marketing methods need deep-focus and specialization, Melbourne Mailing has grown its strengths significantly in the last few decades. The company has an exclusive manufacturing and storage facility in Somerton, Melbourne, which enables it to truly serve customers well.

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Direct Marketing in Australia

Though the response rate is on the higher side, there are certain strategic necessities that encourage companies to adopt the direct mail marketing channel. Primarily the success of direct marketing campaigns depends on two factors and Melbourne Mailing checks this list. First, the direct mail service should deliver relevant promotional material to the right audience and second, direct mail envelopes should be valued and acted upon by the prospective customer. Success lies in identifying the right mix between these two factors. Melbourne Mailing makes use of unique but proven customer targeting and deep data methods which help in finding out qualified customers to target, enhancing the response rate of the campaign. This approach helps businesses optimize their direct mail campaign ROI. Reports suggest that a $1 spend using direct mail marketing results in a long-term return of $12 which is significantly higher when compared to other non-contact marketing approaches.

Australia Post Direct Mail

After identifying the list of prospects for direct mailing, the crucial step in ensuring complete success is in executing a flawless delivery method. Melbourne Mailing through its established experience in the field has a fool-proof framework that has earned the firm ISO certifications for quality, environmental compliance, health/safety and DATA SECURITY. Through continuous learning and improvements to our process, we have evolved into an end-to-end solution for direct mail fulfilment. Melbourne Mailing, with its proven excellence in this field, combines optimal customer contacts and a well-executed direct mail campaign to create win-win outcomes.

We also offer 3pl Logistics & Fulfilment Services in Melbourne. Find more information about third party logistics Melbourne.

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