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3pl Fulfillment Services Melbourne
Fast and accurate delivery of your orders is vital to keep your customers happy and attract repeat business. Customers expect their order to arrive ASAP, and as described – and if it doesn’t, they’ll take their business, and their money elsewhere.

However, get it right and you’ll win the confidence of your customers. They’ll rave about your service to their friends, and buy from you again and again, helping to grow your business in this competitive environment.

Reach Your Customers Sooner And For Less

At Melbourne Mailing we specialise in helping businesses – of all sizes – reach their customers sooner and for less.

With over 25 years of experience in pick and packing, direct-mailing and 3PL we have a track-record of incredible service, happy customers, and reduced costs for our clients.

Trust Melbourne Mailing with your 3PL requirements today and…

3pl Stock

Know your valuable stock is secure, well-looked after and guaranteed!

We’re so confident in our facility that If we hold your stock and lose it, we’ll replace it at zero cost to you – no questions asked!

3pl Orders

Easily manage and place orders using our simple online inventory system…

And keep up to date with your inventory levels at the click of a button so you are never surprised by low-levels of stock or worse… run out at a critical time.

3pl Savings

Save thousands in delivery costs over the course of the year…

You’ll get access to below ‘quoted’ rates through our partnerships with AusPost and exclusive deals with top couriers…

3pl Care

Keep your customers happy with same-day dispatching on orders placed before 12 pm…

And never again worry whether you’ll make the post in time.

3pl Accurate Delivery

Reduce refunds and complaints due to slow or inaccurate delivery…

And delight your customers by exceeding their expectations on delivery speed and care.

A Complete 3PL Solution For Small To Large Businesses

At Melbourne Mailing we want to help your business grow – whether you’re an established brand looking for a complete warehouse, mailing, and database solution… or a home business looking to grow beyond the garage and scale for big profits.

We’re ready to help you establish a cost-effective, time saving fulfilment process fast.

Contact Melbourne Mailing today and you could save thousands on shipping and logistics and while enjoying the peace of mind of a reliable fulfilment service.

Simply click the button below and fill in your details to organise a friendly, obligation-free consultation. We’ll discuss how we can save you money and increase your businesses efficiency with expert 3PL services.

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And discover how easy it is to save
money and time with world-class third-party-logistics

Our Certificates

We are the only Australian mailing house to hold three highly regarded ISO certifications including

We are a proud Australia Post Bulk Partner and winners of the 2008 & 2009 Australian Achievers Award.

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And discover how easy is to save money and time with world-class third-party-logistics.

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3pl Logistics & Fulfilment Company in Melbourne

Only few trusted players have succeeded in offering a sophisticated third-party logistics service for a period as long as 25 years and Melbourne Mailing is among the list of top players that has! We are a mailing house Melbourne based and provide 3PL and Direct Mail marketing services. Having mastered the key performance indicators of the 3PL business through incredible service and reduced costs, we have many happy customers. We also ensure that the services delivered to our clients enable them to save costs by working with 3PL providers like our company.

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3 pl Logistics Melbourne

We have partnered with AusPost and other reputable “last mile” delivery providers offering flexibility to our logistics solutions during times of peak demand. We provide long-term contracts with attractive deals, too. The company aims to combine a sophisticated 3 pl Logistics Melbourne fleet with state of the art infrastructure, to help clients realize faster cash flows with efficient and timely deliveries. Located at Somerton, Melbourne, we have a 25,000 square meter site able to hold and unload in excess of 10 large shipping containers at any given time and a 15,000 square meter modern warehouse to propel its running operations. We, at Melbourne Mailing, have significantly improved our processes to benchmark levels leaving industry peers behind, and thus resulting in reduced refunds, and realizing faster cash flows – key indicators to succeed in the 3PL industry.

3rd party logistics Melbourne

The ecommerce market in Australia is expected to handle over $35 billion worth of 3PL business by 2022, and with an open market access and an innovation driven economy, the share of 3PL players in Australia are poised to play a significant role in this growth market. We, at Melbourne Mailing, have a strong portfolio of solutions including the often challenging last-mile connectivity that is expected to offer the firm a crucial competitive edge in this expanding market. The company also excels in giving customer satisfaction in terms of safe and on-time delivery which is as essential as having the robust in-house facilities. A survey by the State of Logistics Outsourcing reveals that more than 75% of both 3PL providers and shipment agents believe 3rd Party Logistics Melbourne Providers are better positioned to offer new and innovative solutions to improve logistics effectiveness. With more than 25 years of industry experience, Melbourne Mailing is one of the top names in the industry offering a complete warehousing, mailing and database solutions, giving peace of mind to our clients.

Fulfillment Services

A deep expertise and pure-play passion on business is fundamental to succeed in offering fulfillment services. We, at Melbourne Mailing, have been doing it with the attitude that delights customers for quite a long period. We are a direct mail and third-party fulfillment service provider based in Melbourne with over 25 years of experience and provide end-to-end management of fulfillment services. The fulfillment services market, both in Australia and across the world, has grown exponentially with the proliferation of e-commerce businesses. Classified as a growing market, the e-commerce business in Australia is estimated to be worth AUD $35 billion. It’s no surprise then that fulfilment services has become a core competency for Melbourne Mailing, by virtue of helping e-Commerce businesses grow their business. Key features offered by us through the fulfillment center include easy management of online inventory system and the same day dispatching model. We have only become stronger by focusing on improving our competency in fulfillment solutions and end-customer service, thus offering economies of scale to the client.

Direct Mail Fulfillment

We have an 15,000 square meter warehouse facility situated in Somerton, Melbourne featuring state of the art warehousing and fulfilment technology infrastructure enabling seamless client customer interactions. Some of the features include providing a safe and secure shipment through a strategically located facility that will reduce lead times and transport costs and a proficient interface that gives a transparent view of every stage in the process. This uniqueness is what makes Melbourne Mailing stand out from the competitors in the market. Most important of all, Melbourne Mailing is able to offer these services cost effectively to consumers and businesses. As ecommerce and online retail businesses grow rapidly, our organization has also complemented the growth by raising the capabilities in both mail fulfillment and third party fulfillment services.

Third Party Fulfillment Melbourne

We, at Melbourne Mailing, by establishing ourselves as a prominent service provider in the sector, have raised our capabilities across multiple service lines. The company can provide cost effective offerings to both business-to-business (B2B) and individual direct-to-consumer (D2C) orders. The expectations from the customer side are just and complex. Melbourne Mailing ensures that its fulfillment services meets these expectations and delights the customer. We have introduced automation and agility into the working model has helped it reap the benefits with faster ROI and offers greater process insights. By ensuring these, we have developed the ability to be operationally independent; thus helping in the company’s resolve for continuous improvement. The independent model has also helped us win confidence in terms of gaining reliability and offering transparency to our clientele in the fulfillment services business.

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